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Just a quick update to share that I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN MY COPY OF GRAN TURISMO 5!

Goodbye social life.


US/EU/SG - 24th November 2010
Japan - 25th November 2010
After years of development and delays, this long awaited driving simulation game by Polyphony Digital for the Playstation 3 is CONFIRMED for release next week!

Like many "confirmed release dates" before this, I was skeptical. Thinking that the November 24th date will end up getting postponed AGAIN. But after seeing the evidence below and reading up on a couple of message boards. I'm convinced that GT5 will finally hit the store shelves next week.

More pictures and unboxing videos after the jump:
So, a couple of my friends recently went on holiday to destinations which I would really love to go one day. Not being able to do so at the moment, I started thinking of ways to "get something back" without actually going there.

What I did was, I sent them 2 visuals with a random "travel quote", 1 smiley face and of course my blog address in it. Had them print the visuals out for them to bring along on their trip. Not a new idea, I know... but what the heck la kan?

Anyway, 1 piece of paper + nice location + camera = ????
Here are the photos..(WARNING: Photo heavy post ahead)

w00t! Never thought that this day would come.
I've been listening to Paramore since their "All We Know Is Falling" days and blogged about them back in 2008. When I found out that they were confirmed to perform in Kuala Lumpur, I went completely nuts.


Enough with the talking, here are some photos I managed to snap that night.
W0000000000! Attended the Maxis iPhone 4 launch on Thursday Sept 23.
It was a midnight launch, meaning the actual launch date was Friday Sept 24.
The launch was held at The Gardens Ballroom.
It's been an interesting week. With both telcos Maxis and Digi playing the waiting and pricing game.
When it came to crunch time. Digi "leaked" their prices at 2pm Sept 23rd 2010. Maxis' iPhone 4 launch was scheduled to start at 12-midnight (Sept 24th 2010) --- that's a full 10-hours before Maxis' launch.

Maxis had already announced their iPhone 4 plans at the beginning of the week.

I guess what Digi was trying to do was mindf*ck the customers. Possibly trying to swing potential Maxis customers to their favor.

Anyway, enough of all that moniker--- on to the grand launch itself!
Sooooooooooo tired.
Just got back from the iPhone 4 launch by Maxis in the Gardens Hotel ballroom.

Am too tired to blog about the entire event, so here are some teaser shots.

Well.. one can always dream rite?
So, the iPhone 4 is now official after last night's WWDC.

Here is a brief rundown of what's new

Glass front and back (yay more fingerprints!)
Stainless steel trim all around

Apple A4 chip processor (same one as found in the iPad)
256MB RAM (2x 128MB)
Battery 16% bigger
Damn.. that's alot of people.
Here is a video I recorded just earlier.

You might have to squint a little...sorry la.. iPhone cannot zoom in video mode :(

Slipknot's Paul Gray has died at the age of 38.

The bassist was found dead in his hotel room in Des Moines, Iowa, earlier today (May 24).

A couple of weeks back, I blogged about a Time Attack event which was organized by Zerotohundred in conjunction with their 10th anniversary.

Here is a brief summary of what happened that day. (Videos and pictures after the jump)
Now, if you're still in the dark about this, recently there was a big hoo-haa on the internet about a supposedly lost iPhone 4 in a bar. Apple has done it again. This time in Vietnam.

Maxis customers may now enjoy the full experience of next-generation smart devices such as the Apple iPad 3G with the introduction of the Micro SIM from Maxis

"Street Fighter: Legacy" is a 3-minute fan made short film based on the Capcom game.

I must say that this 3-minute short film is way way waaaayy better than the first Street Fighter movie (Van Damme) and The Legend of Chun-Li.

Video and funny screen shots after the jump
I have a mad obsession for the original 1989 Batmobile. I really do. You can read more from HERE and HERE.

So you can imagine the excitement when I found out that Taiwanese superstar, Jay Chou had recently acquired an actual Batmobile.

In conjunction with ZeroToHundred's(ZTH) 10th Anniversary, there will be a Time Attack track event in Sepang this Sunday, 9th May 2010. Which is also Mother's Day btw.

Promptly named "Time To Attack", this event looks like it's going to be a big one.
100 cars will take to the track, battling it out for the fastest time around Sepang International Circuit.

More details after the jump.
So...Ironman and War Machine decided to drop by the office yesterday.

Were you born in the 80's? Are you a fan of ol' skool music? Deep Purple? Nirvana? The Jackson 5?
Are you a CD collector?
So, Apple has approved the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone. A shocking decision if you ask me. I mean, why would Apple allow its customers to use a competitor's web browser other than its own? It is almost general knowledge that Opera browsers are "faster" than the other available browsers out there.
So, the iPad has been officially launched.
What is the next big thing from Apple? See pic below

Apple is known for releasing new gadgets every June / July of the year. And this year is no exception.
April 3rd will see the launch of the much anticipated iPad.

However, people seemed to be more focused on the supposed "new iPhone", dubbed the "iPhone HD".
Still months away from June/July, all that we can do now is speculate.

So what's new in the "iPhone HD"?

A4 Processor
This is basically a 1GHz processor with onboard graphics.
 A rather significant boost from the 600MHz processor residing in current generation iPhone 3GS'.

960 x 640 Display
Double the resolution of the current iPhones. Current iPhones are 480 x 320. This is good as it will ease compatibility issues with current iPhone apps and games.

By far the best new feature the iPhone can have if it's true. As an iPhone user myself, I sometimes wish that the iPhone was capable of multitaskng. It's be nice to have a couple of apps running in the background when I need to do something urgently. ie: reply an e-mail whilst halfway playing Street Fighter IV 

Front-facing Camera / Video Call
Nothing new to modern day mobile phones with cameras, but sadly it was missing from all the previous iPhones. Hopefully this feature will make it onto the "iPhone HD".

It has been rumored that Apple will announce SOMETHING on June 22. Mark your calendars.
Happy CNY everybody :)
w00t! NASA's very last night space shuttle launch was a GO!

You can watch the video HERE

Such beauty is a night space shuttle launch.

Godspeed to the crew of space shuttle Endeavour.
Speakers come in many forms, shapes, size and quantity as well. We have 2.1, 5.1 and also 7.1
The more speakers the better of course (most of the time la). But SONY has upped the game with their Sountina (NSA-PF1) model. This speaker "system" is an all-in-one system and it looks gorgeous.

This is a typical home theater setup;

THIS is the SONY Sountina;

Yes, that tall thin device is an entire home theatre system. The bottom is the woofer, slightly higher than that is the amplifier, then comes the mid-range and lastly in the glass tube are the tweeters.

I popped by the Sony Style in KLCC earlier today and they had the Sountina on demo. The demo runs daily at 1pm and 3pm, and I must say that I was very impressed. The room had nothing but 2 chairs at each end, and the Sountina right smack in the middle. Sitting on one end of the room, it sounded like there was sound coming from every angle. Something you'd expect from a 5.1 or 7.1 setup.
It was hard to believe that all that sound was coming from the middle of the room. Amazing.

Here are a couple of pictures I took;
The Sountina

Light that runs through the tube. Very classy.

The Sountina looks and sounds amazing.
Here is a brief breakdown of the specs for those who care;
Three-Way Actie Speaker
Woofer: 13cm Cone
Mid Range: 7cm Cone
Tweeter: Organic Glass Tube
Frequency: 50Hz to 20kHz
Inputs: Coaxial, Optical (yay for PS3 fans maybe?), Linear PCM
Weight: Approx 12.5kg

And how much is it going to cost to have this touch of class in your living room?
A cool RM30,000
This Is It! Finally out on Blu-Ray is Michael Jackson's This Is It.

I was thrilled that it is finally out in stores, but then I found out that there are multiple versions of this film. Each have slight differences from one another. Here is a rough list of the differences;
In the US:
Standard DVD Version
Main Film +
2 Making of Documentaries (The Adventure Begins, Beyond The Show) +
3 Featurettes (The Gloved One, Memories Of Michael, Auditions: Searching For World's Best Dancers)

Standard Blu-ray Version
Main Film +
Standard DVD Version features
Thriller Vignette +
Smooth Criminal Vignette +
1 Featurette (Making Of Smooth Criminal) +

*Target store*
Standard DVD Version (1 Disc)
Standard Blu-ray Version (1 Disc)
Exclusive Target Combo Blu-ray/DVD Version (2 Discs)

-Standard Blu-ray Version (Disc One - BD Format)
-Standard DVD Version (Disc Two - DVD Format)
3D Glasses For MJ TV Tribute on Jan. 31 (placed separately in store)

*Walmart store*
Standard DVD Version (1 Disc)
Standard Blu-ray Version (1 Disc)
Exclusive Walmart DVD Version (2 Discs)

-Standard DVD Version (Disc One - DVD Format)
-4 Featurettes (Meet The Dancers, Meet The Band, Meet The Vocalists, Unfinished Rehearsals) (Disc Two - DVD Format; Approx 60 Minutes)

*Best Buy store*
Standard DVD Version (1 Disc)
Standard Blu-ray Version (1 Disc)
Exclusive Best Buy Blu-ray Version (2 Discs)

-Standard Blu-ray Version (Disc One - BD Format)
-1 Featurette (Dancing Machine) + PSP Digital Copy (Disc Two - BD Format; Approx 15 Minutes)
-3D Backstage Pass Replica (Choose 1 of 3 Versions Available: Smooth Criminal, Pointing, Blue Shirt Dancing) (attached to package)
Steelbook DVD or Blu-ray Versions (available only if pre-ordered)

*Amazon,Toys R Us, FYE, etc.*
Standard DVD Version (1 Disc)
Standard Blu-ray Version (1 Disc)

Free Poster (no pre-order req if bought at Sony Music website; others have pre-order req)

Outside The US:
There are many variations for what is available outside the US. The variations are mainly with the packaging (steelbook or not) and bonus gift items (poster, photo booklet, trading cards, t-shirt, etc.) you get attached.

As for substance on the disc(s) itself, it can be the same or different depending on what format you are looking for.

Foreign DVD Version (2 Discs)
Identical to the Exclusive Walmart DVD Version

Foreign Blu-ray Version (Number of Discs ?)
Main Film +
Standard Blu-ray Version features +

Country Exclusive Combo of any of the 5 Featurettes (Meet The Dancers, Meet The Band, Meet The Vocalists, Unfinished Rehearsals, Dancing Machine) (combo varies based on country) +
Photo Gallery (varies based on country) +
PS3 Wallpaper (varies based on country)

What a crock of marketing bullshit. Now I have no idea which version to get.
Omg this has to be the coolest thing EVER!

See the ball in action here at Gizmodo
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