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FUCK YEAH! KoRn was awesome at Sunburst. I can't believe that I actually got to watch them perform live. I have been listening to koRn ever since I was 15. The song that actually got me hooked onto them was "Got The Life" from their Follow The Leader album.

Got The Life

Ever since, I started listening to their other/older tracks and it just grew and grew from there.
When I heard that KoRn was going to perform at this year's Sunburst festival, I totally blew my load. I HAD TO BE AT SUNBURST, NO MATTER WHAT.

Anyway, to cut short a potentially uber long post, here are some pics I managed to snap whilst being pushed and shoved around in the middle of hundreds /thousands of manic koRn fans.
Credits to Michelle for lending me her Nikon D80 :)



Jonathan Davis


Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

I took wayyyyy more shots, but these are the few decent ones.
A few interesting things I noticed, Jon Davis did not bring his signature mic stand, and somehow, they (the performers) were allowed to cuss on stage. Jon Davis and Pharrel Williams (of N.E.R.D) were happily throwing the word "fuck" to the audience.

I guess since Celcom (the main sponsor) has the Malaysian government's backing, they can do whatever-the-fuck-they-want.
On this date last year, I handed to you an envelope. And inside contained a card which both of us had inked our birthday wishes to you. Also on this date last year, I sent you an SMS wishing you Happy Birthday, to which you replied "Tks". I still keep that SMS, 'til this date.

Happy Birthday Dad, we miss you.
I seriously need a new header.

Any suggestions?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a LONG weekend it has been. I gotta say that the recent long weekend was a much needed one. It's back to work for me tomorrow! And I'm actually not feeling reluctant to go to work like how I usually feel.

Really looking forward to Sunburst '09 next week. All because of KORN.
Been pumping myself up for the event by Youtube-ing videos of KORN performing live.
All I can say is, I hope they do not disappoint. AND hopefully Joey (of Slipknot) will be the drummer. RAWWRRR

It's gonna be epic.
Do you believe in soulmates?

I'm not sure if I do, but I do have this particular friend whom I can consider as my soulmate. We used to hang out alot, like almost everyday. Never once did we have any disagreement and everytime we saw each other, it was just good. Really good.

She was there for me when I was down, and she helped me through all my thick & thin. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for her. We'd talk about everything, anything, anytime and anywhere. Though we were close, our relationship never ever got to the next stage. Which is a good thing because I can never see myself being in a serious relationship with her, we were just better off being "buddies".

It's one of those relationships where things would just go downhill if it was a serious lovey dovey one, y'know?

So anyway, it has been a long long time since we've contacted one another. Busy with our own lives and all. I hope that we meet again one day, I do miss those days.

'Til then, take care (I hope you read this) and thank you for everything :)
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