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Below has to be one of the most amazing things I've ever noticed.
While we were in KK, we got to witness one of Mei's many many tortoises lay eggs!
This is not something you get to see everyday.
This post is long overdue.
Our little trip to the Crocodile Farm in KK.
Croc trishaw ride anyone?

Croc rider

NOT a fake

The only time when you will think that Japanese Kois are disgusting

wide open
HUGE motherfucker

That's a nice leather bed you've got there mate
Glowstringing at Freedom 08

Was browsing through Melbourne Today when I stumbled upon this picture...

which reminded me of this game on the iPod..

Just to share with you guys, some pictures taken in Kota Kinabalu.

On the plane en-route to KK.
Sunset from the Waterfront.
Fully set.
Some species of mantis prawn.
Sutera Harbor
Floating petrol/diesel station anyone?
Parasailing. Look at the parachute carefully.
Random sky
Random beach.
EDIT: Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that somebody is going to give me hell for using the word blasphemy in a non-religious God related situation..?

This is shocking (well..kind of..)

“Thousands of teenagers, many drunk and wearing skimpy clothing were misbehaving and some were even involved in substance abuse,” - Irritated PD resident

"..techno music was blasting in the air despite it being wee hours in the morning. Most of them looked sedated and were mumbling and I could tell that they were not in full grasp of their senses.." - Another irritated PD resident

What blasphemy! The above statements were taken from an article published in The Star newspapers dated 12th May 2008. Talk about letting a few bad apples ruin the entire basket. Yes, no doubt that there were people getting stupidly drunk, popping pills, taking drugs, wearing skimpy clothes and whatnot, but is that really so surprising at all?

The article mainly pokes at the teenagers which were caught taking illegal drugs and the overly loud music. What irks me is that the article totally labels the event as a bad one on the basis that a handful of teens were taking illegal drugs.

Wake up people, we do not need events such as this for people to start taking drugs. Even if they do not take it AT the event grounds, they'd just pop the pills before entering the venue. So what difference does it make? There are also a handful of druggies, rapists, murderers & etc just around the corner everyday in Kuala Lumpur. Does that make KL a bad city?

That article in The Star was totally biased and unfair IMO.
Shame on you.
Ahhh, back from Freedom '08 at last. Now it's back to the normal working routine.
Freedom was a blast to say the least, but I must emphasize that the entire trip made for one Helluva weekend!

From the "before" & "after" parties, the rave itself, the people I've met, the privileges, the music, the amount of alcohol. Was truly one crazy weekend.

Pics soon.
The alarm ringing at 6:30AM and the dreaded KL traffic jam are grim reminders that I am now officially back from my holiday...

arrived in KK about 3-hours ago. the flight was alright. Bright sunny clear skies. Arrived at the KK International airport where Mei picked us up about 15-mins later. Went for lunch and now we're at her home, chillin' before we head on out again. 
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