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W0000000000! Attended the Maxis iPhone 4 launch on Thursday Sept 23.
It was a midnight launch, meaning the actual launch date was Friday Sept 24.
The launch was held at The Gardens Ballroom.
It's been an interesting week. With both telcos Maxis and Digi playing the waiting and pricing game.
When it came to crunch time. Digi "leaked" their prices at 2pm Sept 23rd 2010. Maxis' iPhone 4 launch was scheduled to start at 12-midnight (Sept 24th 2010) --- that's a full 10-hours before Maxis' launch.

Maxis had already announced their iPhone 4 plans at the beginning of the week.

I guess what Digi was trying to do was mindf*ck the customers. Possibly trying to swing potential Maxis customers to their favor.

Anyway, enough of all that moniker--- on to the grand launch itself!
Sooooooooooo tired.
Just got back from the iPhone 4 launch by Maxis in the Gardens Hotel ballroom.

Am too tired to blog about the entire event, so here are some teaser shots.

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