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I'm beginning to feel like my life is an old piece of shit junk car. Fix one thing and another thing fucks up. After awhile, you'll realise that there is no point in constantly fixing the problems. You're better off with a new "car".
"LOVE for money is the root of all evil"

They say that "Money is the root of all evil", but I highly object. It is the LOVE/GREED for money that is evil. Take you for example, what ever happened to you? You used to be so humble and down to Earth. Not anymore. You and your high-profile "friends".

Oh well, now you have what you always wanted.

omg this blog is so dead. been really busy with work for the past couple of days + i don't really have anything "worth" blogging about (yeah boring life I know), which is why it has been quiet around here lately. Even my number of visits have dropped tremendously. Oh well.

sigh. the pressure is on to find me + mom a new home. Kinda forced to move out. I dread the day I'd have to move out of my current house. I spent almost my entire life growing up in this house. I think I was 7 or 8 years old when we moved to Jln Ipoh from Kelana Jaya. Meaning I've spent at least 19 years living in the same house. Oh the memories.

But hey, life goes on right? Though if I was blessed with the option of moving out or continue staying.. I'd definately stay. Just spend some money to fix the ol' house and it should be great.

I'm hungry. Above is the famous Hainanese Chicken Chop from "Yut Kei" coffeeshop in KL.
Wahahaha just when I thought things could/will/are getting better, my string of bad luck continues.
My mom's handbag just got stolen from her while she was playing golf. Stolen from the buggy it seems. Sigh, when will this fucking end.

It’s heartbreaking but it seems like, whether you like it or not..people are always out there to get you.

I’m talking about backstabbers and leeches. Y’know, those people who are nice to you in front of your face but the moment you turn around they stab you in the back and twist the knife. Or those whom are only nice to you because there is something for them to gain out of you other than your friendship.

It is pretty hard to trust anyone these days. Friends, your loved one(s), even family. Everybody is just looking for something that will benefit themselves. What is the point of being a nice person then? Seriously.

“Nice guys finish last” they say, I’ve said this before the last time I was in this situation and here I am saying it once again. “If you can’t beat them, join them”, it is tempting, but why succumb to this and lower yourself to their level right? Once you’ve taken that path to backstabbing and being a leech, you’ve lost your sense of individuality. You are no better than the people you so hate.

This is my dilemma.

The only way to rid of temptation is to yield to it” – Oscar Wilde

But it's not a new handphone :(
I entered this competition by NOKIA awhile back in hopes of winning 2 all expense paid trip to Singapore to watch SINGfest '08.

Obviously I did not win the trip but I won this...
Not bad lah, the autographs all NOT PRINTED on wan okay.
As promised, here are some pictures taken at the concert.

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