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My workplace is on fire!!
The videos below show exactly what was going on at approximately 10:25AM this morning.



I had to walk-down 16 floors! HAhaha, not a bad early morning workout.
Below are some pics of the chaos. OH THE HUMANITY!!

p/s: this was all just a drill actually :P
It's Mondaaaaaayyy once again.

My weekend was pretty fulfilling :) Friday night we went for dinner at The Curve and then after that went to The Scarlet. I wasn't really in the mood to be drinking and all, so I just spent most of the night standing there nodding my head and sipping slowly at my Vodka. Was still fun though.

On Saturday, my car's battery died :(

On Sunday I had a blast. Went GO KARTING!! OMG go-karting is SO much fun! Went to the Shah Alam track with baby, Christiana and Andy. The track was pretty spacious with a nice mix of tight turns, long sweeping turns and a long-ish straight. They had 3 types of karts to choose from. 80cc, 100cc and also a double-seater kart (so cute).

All of us went for the 80cc as the 100cc might prove to be quite a handful for us noobies. Jessica and Christiana went for 1-round but Andy and myself, we went for 2-rounds! I could've stayed there the whole day but damn expensive lah! Must seriously organise some sort of group event and book the place for an-hour or two.

Karting seriously damn fun, I was sliding all over the place! (noob mah) but luckily never spin out, just managed to kick the tail out and recover. Next time must push harder, until I spin or something.. haha.

Pics to come!!
Good day everyone. I've noticed that my readership has dropped by as much as HALF! HALF!! where have you guys gone to? tak mau baca my blog already ah?? I know I've not been updating much but stillll... what happened to brand loyalty?? blog loyalty in this case.

Big changes this month, more so from December onwards now that everybody has a day-time job already. Sigh speaking of work...work work work.

In this post I will attempt to describe what's it like to be working in a billion-dollar multi-national telecommunications company. What are the ups and what are the downs. Most of you might already have an idea, but what the heck.

I will start with the cons..
1) Politics - this is inevitable. Big or small, every workplace will have some sort of politics going around. The difference being, in a big company the politics is SO THICK, you can almost cut it with a knife. You will feel it the moment you carry out your job. Best thing to do is to avoid politics if you can, but somehow one way or another you'd have to face the music and confront it. Things such as managers delegating most of their work to you, snakes who'd take all the credit for your work, the relationship between your co-workers and their managers (read favorism, biased opinions)

2)E-mail - is your best-friend and also your worst nightmare. Everything you do has to be in black & white just to cover your own ass. But in doing so, becareful of who receives your e-mail, especially those in your CC list. Alot of damage can be done.

3)Gossip - is almost as bad as politics. Becareful of how you interact with the people around you, watch the things that come out from your mouth and never take it seriously. You'd be surprised how fast things can travel through the grapevine.

4) Benefits - probably the only good thing about working in a big organisation and the only reason why some people stay in the same company as long as they do (5-years, 10-years). Things such as free medical, maternity, subsidy on your expenses such as fuel, phone bill, meals. Company share options, performance bonuses.
As good as it may sound, these things will definately only keep in you in same company for a long long time.

*breathes* It's almost 2am now and I am blogging about work..blah. My mind is getting tired just thinking of all the things to say..I'd better stop here and start DOTA-ing :P
Christmas is upon us and I took it upon myself to have a new header up, and up it is :)
This one not so "controversial" kuaa??

Anyways, am in the office now finishing up on some work and waiting for baby and Christiana and Andy to reach KLCC. Gonna have dinner together before Christiana goes off to Singapore for work! On a similar note,

Congratulations to HAMSAP on getting the job!!1 gambateh! hehehehe

now all of us can wake up early early together-gether, LOL

STRESS LAN DOUZZ!!!1111!!111

STRESS LAN DOUZZ!!!1111!!111

STRESS LAN DOUZZ!!!1111!!111

STRESS LAN DOUZZ!!!1111!!111

STRESS LAN DOUZZ!!!1111!!111

STRESS LAN DOUZZ!!!1111!!111

zOMG so long never update!
I'm sneaking this post in the office right now, taking a slight breather from work and thought I'd blog abit.

My body is bruised and aching right now. was partnered up with some big dude last night at kickboxing class and everytime he kicked the bag which I'm holding, my arms/elbows would constantly hit me in the ribs. But as they say, no pain no gain!

Been raining alot lately, especially last nigh. And as usual lah, Heavy rain + KL = crazy ass traffic jam.
While stuck in traffic, I decided to munch on a banana and look what I noticed!
Can you see it?

Good luck to all you SPM students out there! Especially Ginny and Elizabeth :P

Ok back to work

pretty much pointless post this is, I know.. dun care lah!

What is up with all the rain in November??? This rain has been interrupting our nightly shisha sessions.

But anywayz, seeing how much rain we've been getting in this month of November, and the fact that I started listening to Guns N Roses again, I will post an epic track from one of the best rock groups of our time (read 80's)

By now you should have already guessed which song..

And also, Jay Chou's new album "On the Run" is finally out!
Despite abit "gay" looking, the album is pretty good overall. You can tell that he is experimenting with different types of sound and styles. But I personally prefer his slow ballads amongst the rest.

Here is a video of one of the songs off his latest album "On The Run".
The song is called "Rainbow", enjoy!

OMG been REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY busy for the past few days. Thanks to my new job scope. Bye bye creative and hello merchandising. zzzz.

Deepavali is just 1-day away but somehow I don't feel the Deepavali "vibe". Feels like just any other week, except for the fact that this week will have 1 less working day. w00t!

So, since I have nothing much to say, here are some random pics :)

Ice-kacang from the heavens

Christmas 2006

Eve of 2007 @ Aloha
This combination picture below pretty much sums up what this year's Global Gathering was like.

Yeah, it was a very muddy and smelly affair. Not the type of mud you'd want to splatter yourself with, trust me. But anywayz, despite all that mud and shit (literally) we still had fun.

Sorry for the lack of captions, too lazy lah. Maybe I'll edit this post later on today. Gotta rush of to kickboxing now! Jab Jab! Cross Cross! Hook Hook! Body Body!
Woohoo!! Transformers is finally out on DVD!! So happened to hop into the video store to enquire and was informed by the cashier that they have a pre-sale for a Limited Edition 2-disc Transformers DVD set......that can transform into Optimus Prime!!

I put my name on the list for the pre-sale and picked it up today! Woohoo!!

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