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I know I know!

Updates soon! I promise!
Working like hell now trying to clear as much work as I can before the new year.

I need a good shisha and some liquor right now.
w00t w00t!

Received a gift from my Secret Santa on Saturday! Click here to see what I got for LAST YEAR's Secret Santa.

Below is what I got this year :)

Christmas and 2008 is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! Holy shit! What are your plans for Christmas and the eve of 2008?? I have no plans as of now for Christmas eve, but for new years eve, it is going to be a house party at Arch’s new pad. Wahahaha Bacardi 151 and Absinthe time.

Broke my 151 virginity last night. All I had was ¼ of a shot glass and even that was enough for the highly flammable liquid to burn my throat all the way down to my stomach. Had a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach after that, lol.
Wow it’s almost 2008! It is always at this time of the year when everybody will start to reflect back on themselves on what they have achieved for the year. I must say that I have learned a lot from work, and also gained a lot of new experiences along the way.

Christmas is just round the corner and everywhere you look is a reminder of the coming year-end and new year holidays. You can even feel it when you go to work, the “holiday mood” is just lingering in the air.

Oh! I have just moved to my new office which is located just 1 floor below my previous workspace. I got the window seat this time but it definitely has its own pros and cons. What’s good? Well I get a view and also a window for me to decorate, lol. What’s not good? I am basically working facing the window..hence my back is facing the office “highway” which in turn equals to little or no privacy. People walking will know what you’re doing on the computer for sure.

W00t! can go for shisha tonight. But first we will be going for a play titled “Aladdin the Pantomime”. Hopefully we’ll make it in time and hopefully it’s good.

That’s all for now, just one short update before I get back to work.
FUCK it has been a busy busy busy week.
Will be moving to a different floor at work by the end of today. So on Monday I will no longer be on the 16th floor, but 15th instead..hahaha ya ya I know..1 floor lower only.

This whole week has been a mix of me trying to finish up as much work as I can before we move down and also going out for dinners, thinking of what gifts to get for the coming birthdays and Christmas. Which reminds me, I still have a parcel to send out to the UK by this week! Shit that is going to cost me a bomb, at least RM150 - RM200! Damn.

Hungry now, guess I'll go for lunch first.
It was raining.
It was wet.
It was wild.
It was loud.
It was freaking awesome!

Opening act, Pop Shuv-it

Pop-shuv-it once again

The madness begins here

then it started to rain... WHICH MADE IT EVEN MORE ENJOYABLE!!1

So eff-ing good.


Pics to come later after I pop them into the laptop.
Picture blog!! I know I owe you guys some pictures so here they are! Laptop somehow decided to work again (woohoo!)

First up..

Go-karting pics!

Live & Loud 07!!

Great week that was :)
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