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Was walking in KLCC when I saw this:
SHIT, dunno what happened. Blogger swallowed all my pics. Will upload again when I get home.

Another last minute call from my aunt saying that she has 2x tickets to the Black Eyed Peas concert in Genting Highlands! I jumped on it and away we went. Got stuck in the terrible KL friday after-work traffic, but we still managed to get there JUST in time.

It was definately one of my "closest to the stage" concert yet.





All in all, it was a rockin' concert! They really know how to engage the crowd and were very entertaining! Hope to see them perform again in the future :)

Videos uploaded below!!
Here are a couple of videos taken by me at the concert. :)

My Humps

Fergie singing Sweet Child O' Mine

I got it from my Mama!

My birthday has come and gone, officially 26 already. OLD MAN as some would say =.=" but nevermind...I feel young ok!! haha :P

So, I've already blogged about my drunken escapade, my birthday cake surprise... but what about the gifts? On my actual birthday itself, which was a Monday..baby asked me to take the day off way in advance, and so I did. Was always curious to know what she had planned for me. And when the day came.. she had me blindfolded... =.="

Despite being blindfolded, I could still roughly tell which way she was using. The turns and bumps en-route felt familiar. It was the same road I use to go to work every morning... hehe..so I knew we were heading to Ampang/KLCC side. (darn..so car workshops here..LOL) hehe.

Anyway, when we finally arrived.. she insisted that I kept my blindfold on until we went into the actual "place", after almost slipping into a longkang and some wooden planks, I took off the blindfold and saw this..

We were at Vila Manja, a very nice escape in the middle of the bustling city. Baby had made an appointment for a couple massage. Woohoo!! my very first full body massage. Haha I must say, it was pretty awkward at first because it was very "full body" haha, but after awhile.. it was VERY relaxing. Just what I needed :) Thanks baby :)

More pics..

I almost fell into the water crossing this path blindfolded

The couple suite and such..with open shower and jacuzzi!

Ahhhh, syok giler!

And then, A couple of days after that, Daniel and Carmen surprised me(again!) with this:

A deluxe sized Warcraft figure! Rhasta Shaman in DOTA to be exact!

I'm a happy camper :)

Just got back from the Black Eyed Peas concert not too long ago, and I must say that they rocked! \m/ They really brought the house down and the bloody good seats gave me the opportunity to take some really good shots. Will post about it when I get back from Global Gathering this weekend. w00t w00t! In the meantime, here is a teaser :)

So, the eve of my birthday..which was basically "hangover day" for me after Mardi Gras (post below). Didn't do much except for visiting my mom whom was then still in the hospital recovering after her surgery (she discharged already btw, woohoo!) and then it was on to our usual shisha at Devi's in the night.

Seemed like any other night until.......................

...Daniel decided to "go to the toilet" and returned with this;
Wahahaha I was truly surprised and almost speechless. And yes Sandy, it says G-Man on the cake, hahaha thanks to you :P

I'll just let the pictures do the talking from here on..
cake cake cake!



it's official...26..

birthday hugs from the 2 ladies

me men more formal lah..

someone missing?

ahhh there she is..

errr... haha

2 of the MANY candles...LOL



Thank you so much you guys, it was truly a pleasant surprise :)

This post is kind of overdue, but surprisingly I did not have the time to transfer the pics onto the PC and resize them and blog. But now I do! While waiting for my pizza dinner to arrive and before heading off to Devi's for my daily shisha dose, here are some pics from my birthday celebration (2-days before my actual birthday) at Mardi Gras 1Utama (Old Wing)

Picture heavy post

blue titties

no idea what's going on here

jacket thief


Hamsap Carmen doing-dunno-what

dorifto lessons

buka mulut v.2

buka mulut v.3

candid (kinda)

LOL fugz


Me and The Lady

Me & goggle wearing bundy,LOL


grouppppp v.2

I got it from my daddy!

Pondering....as if..

Me, Fugz & Ginny


William & me, and the FooMaster behind
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