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Well, I guess it is about time that I feel this way. The pain is starting to sink in even more now. Dad is NOT on a long holiday, in fact... Dad won't be coming back at all. This is the reality I have to face everyday. I'm not in denial, it's just that I seem to feel my dad's presence all the time, it's as if he is still around.

But then..there are times when I start to think, and realise that he is no longer with us. It's so quiet at home now. I miss hearing his voice. I miss you pa.

So much pain. I know you're moving on already. Going out on dates and all. It kills me inside knowing this but what can I do eh? Despite all the pain you've caused me, I still find myself caring about you. Probably because we've been together for the longest time and we shared practically EVERYTHING together. I guess it's not easy for me to let all of that go. All those memories, all those times of joy & sadness. It's hard to believe that all those times are nothing more than mere memories now. No longer something we can grasp and hold on to.

I wish you well.....

"A breath away's not far, to where you are"
What is up with August?? So freaking many events here and there!

1) MTV Asia Awards 2008 Malaysia
2) Avril Lavigne live in Kuala Lumpur

3) Chris Daughtry (Some Sony Ericsson Traffic Jam party thingy)

4) Panic at the Disco!

5) SINGfest 2008

How lah?? HOW HOW HOWWWWWW??????????????????????
The drive that everybody has been waiting for. Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson takes the new Nissan GT-R round the Top Gear test track and Fuiji Speedway.

The new GT-R could carry with it so much speed through the turns that Jeremy Clarkson supposedly "snapped" his neck from the intense and very high G-force. @_@

Check out the short skit below courtesy of Point8Cam.

We were out having shisha, got bored and decided to have a drawing competition between myself and Huiyat Monkeyonkey, LOL.

After watching this vid, I finally realise why people constantly tell me that the way I hold my pen/pencil is obscene...

Check it out.

Check this out! I never knew there was so many hidden easter eggs in the movie Cloverfield. Kind of creepy actually once you think about it.

Anybody interested in having a hedgehog as a pet? Got a friend who recently acquired 4 baby hedgehogs and is willing to let go 3 of the 4. He's keeping 1 for himself..lol.

SO CUTE!!!111

On a completely different note... guess WHO will be dropping by the office this week.. heehee
I can't wait.
So, the iPhone 3G is finally here. Well, not really..

Below is a screenshot taken from Apple's website. It shows the countries which the iPhone 3G has been released or will be released. WHERE IS MALAYSIA??????????????????

Click for bigger picture.
COME ON! Lithuania? Latvia? Mali? Malta? Nicaragua?

Wtf Malaysia damn fail.
Went to a drift event at Bkt Jalil over the weekend.
Here are some pics:

For more pics and an in-depth coverage of this event, go to AutoJunctions.

Edit: embedded another video, I just noticed that the one before was cacat
Continued from the post below, I shall now present to you what some consider the "main attraction" of the Super GT races =.=" guys (and girls too), have your tissues ready for excessive nosebleed.

The GT Race Queens.
(レースクイーン, rēsu kuīn)

That's about it I suppose, there are more pics but lazy lah! Hehehe
Finally got round to uploading and resizing the photos I took during the Super GT 2008 qualifying. Was a pretty good day. The weather wasn't too hot (most of the time), the crowd was minimal, the cars were HOT and so were the girls.

Let's get started.

The Cars:
SuperGT 2007 XANAVI R34


Big ass

New GT-R

Another new GT-R

Very sick flushed door handle. Push and then Pull.

HUGE Brembos

This car below deserves to mentioned seperately from the rest as it is..

Lightning McQueen!Check out the graphics.


In case you're wondering..Lightning McQueen is from the Disney/Pixar animated movie Cars. I was pleasantly surprised to see a SuperGT Toyota MRS with the exact same paintjob and graphics. Hahaha it was like watching Lightning McQueen race in real life.

I think I will post the RQ (Race Queen) photos on a seperate post. Otherwise this post will end up being very long :)
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