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Happy New Year everybody!
Here are some photos of the most anticipated movie for 2009!
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Some short notes on this Transformers sequel.
- Fallen is one of the 13 original Transformers created by Primus. (Hence the title, "Revenge of
The Fallen")
- Primus is the brother of Unicron, the planet eating bot.
- Fallen betrays Primus and joins Unicron


Supposedly, Megatron returns in this sequel as Galvatron with the help of Optimus Prime,
to help defeat Fallen.

LOL, somebody asked me;
"Christmas is the day Santa was born right?"

I got bored..

Been much too busy and lazy to update for the past few days. Kinda expected to be rather free during the last month of 2008, but nope. Workload is still the same and much more at times. SIGH.

I've been thinking, why is it that I blog?
To be honest, I don't know the answer to that. But it is neither for fame nor money. (but of course, IF I DO get to that stage, I wouldn't mind at all, haha). I guess the reason why I blog is because there are certain things that are more appropriate penned down.

I mean, yeah I do talk to my friends and whatnot, but there are just those things that the only way you would feel better is to write it out, y'know?
Day by day, box after boxes, suddenly the memories of staying in this house for 21years come flooding back. Memories which were once a blur are now crystal clear.

I still remember those days when I used to play around the big red carpet which once lined the living hall floor. The carpet was my island and my adventures were a mix of being "on the island" and "off the island" in the "ocean" (the cold marble floor)

I still remember when my dad & mom would go out for their formal functions, leaving me home alone but never without entertainment. Dad would always buy me my favorite cartoons on videotape(no such thing as VCDs or DVDs back then) and I'd be content just sitting on the couch watching away. Bless you Dad, Rest in Peace. I will always love you.

Then there were the times we would play badminton every evening. Using the gate as a makeshift net. More often than not I'd hit the shuttlecock a little too hard and too high, and it would land on the roof. Dad would then grab the ladder, climb up & retrieve the shuttle. Haha.

I've had a total of 3 dogs and 2 cats as pets here. My 1st dog, Ramzie. My 2nd dog, Jasmine, both of which died of old age & my 3rd dog, Bow..which we had to give away because it was just way too hyperactive.
My 2 cats were Leslie & Pepsi (haha don't ask me why we named it after a soft drink giant). Leslie was bit by a snake and Pepsi was the "replacement". My parents even got me the exact same breed & color. Pepsi eventually ran away like most cats do. Though I suspect that his offspring and his offspring's offsprings are still around 'til this day.

It's hard to imagine that very soon, I would have to remember a new address. The unfamiliarity of things scares me. To come home to a completely foreign place, the smell of a foreign place, and yet still call that place HOME. It's going to be tough. VERY tough.

My December..
It's Hairy Crab season again.
Hi, I have crabs and alot of hair

These sweet tasting crabs are seasonal and available from September to December. Apparently, during September the female crabs are best whereas during October - December, the males are best. I didn't understand what the hype was all about, I mean.. why would anyone pay RM100+ for ONE small tiny crab??? Now I know. It's all in the roe.
this is a male. Males have a sharp pointy "apron" whereas females have a rounded/circle "apron"

The roe is orangey, soft and sweet (not literally, but in Chinese terms, you get what I mean), and so is the flesh. The crabs are steamed and served with a plate of minced ginger and vinegar.

Eating hairy crab is an art. You can read more about it HERE

My attempt at this was an epic failure. I broke the poor crab into like a billion pieces.

Dragon-i restaurants are having a hairy crab promotion/set dinner meal. For just RM98++ you get a cold appetiser, a double boiled chicken broth, 1 hairy crab, soup dumpling with crab roe, a vegetable dish and a tong sui dessert. Pretty worth it in my opinion.

If Aerosmith ever get to play in Kuala Lumpur, I would beg/steal/kill my way to their concert. These guys fucking rock.
Updates to come soon! I promise!
Got something to blog liao. So I was just looking through some pictures on the computer and stumbled across these;

These pictures were taken during this year's Chinese New Year @ Velvet Underground. In the span of just 8-months, alot has changed. And I mean ALOT. It's hard to believe at times but that the reality of things. People change, or so they say.

Gonna hit the sack now, it's been a long night. Got home around 9:30pm from work. Updated to Vista Ultimate SP1, installed Adobe CS3, did abit of work, played abit of GRID and FarCry2, and now I'm tired.

Nite people.
Seriously..no mood to blog...
..for SPEED!Gotta love corporate internet connections.
Today is the day I was born 27 years ago. It's that time of the year again, when you start to feel old & think back of what you've accomplished so far and set out new goals & challenges.

I know I should be at home instead of work since it's my birthday, but I just didn't see the point in taking the day off if I had nothing planned. Don't want to waste the very few remaining off days I have left.

So, I got back from lunch and got an email from my colleague asking me to spot the "addition" in the attached picture. Below is the attached picture.

Me being the blur person that I am, failed to spot what was the "additional object" on my very own desk. And finally, my colleagues gave up and pointed it out to me...
HAHAHAHAA! it's a cake! I was pleasantly surprised and frantically looking for a hole to put my head in..hahaha
shy lah.
So anywayz, they sang me happy birthday, my department head heard the commotion, came over and wished me. OMG damn shy weyyy...haha. But it's all good, brought a smile to my face IN THE OFFICE..which rarely happens..hahaha.

Thanks for everything you guys!

I'm thinking of shutting this blog down. Of late I seem to have lost interest in blogging. Probably because there is just so much on my mind right now. Especially finding a new home for me & my mom.

Looking for a new home isn't easy. I can't stress how many times I've mentioned that, but seriouslly..looking for a new home is NOT EASY. It's easy if I have like 30million ringgit to blow off. But I don't. In fact, I have a very limited budget, thanks to the fucking 4-way split. (Current house is being sold and the money will be split equally 4-ways between my mom, my uncle, my aunt & an elder cousin of mine) Fucking unfair considering that this was a 3 vs 1 fight.

But oh well, people will go to great lengths for money. BASTARDS.
It used to be "I Love You".

Now it is "I don't know you".
Got this from Yahoo!Games.

This dude has 36 World of Warcraft accounts and he plays them simultaneously on 11 different machines. @_@

Like WTF. What the hell does this guy do? He is paying USD5711 annually on subscription fees alone for all 36 accounts. That is over RM20,000 every year!
What about other expenses? Such as his electricity bill. Must cost a pretty penny to run 11 different machines all at the same time for long-hours. Maintaining and upgrading the machines will also cost him some money.

Check out his setup...

Shit, talk about obsessed.

Read more of this HERE
Been neglecting my blog lately. Nothing much to say.

Let’s see.. the house hunting still continues. Not going to rush into buying a property now, since the economy is so bad and uncertain, I think it’s best that we take our time. Even if it means having to pay rent for the house after the sale has gone through.

Better that way than rushing to buy a property and regret it later on. A new home is a long-term and I mean LONG-TERM thing and it’s best not to rush into it. If I was some sort of multi-million/billionaire then no problem lah. Can change houses like changing boxers. Oh well..

Apple just launched its new line of Macbook and Macbook Pros.

Apple products continue to fucking amaze me. Too bad they are so pricey.

People often ask me what’s so great about Macs? I guess you’d have to use and I mean REALLY USE one to understand why Macs are so freaking awesome.

Zzzzz. Scouting for a new home isn't fun at all. There is SO much to consider when looking for a new place to stay. Especially when you're planning to buy the place instead of renting.
As hermit crabs grow they require larger shells. Since suitable intact gastropod shells are a limited resource, there is frequently strong competition among hermit crabs for the best available shells. The availability of empty snail shells at any given place depends primarily on the relative abundance of gastropods in the right range of sizes, compared to the demographics of the population of hermit crabs.

An equally important issue is the frequency of organisms which prey upon gastropods but leave the shells intact. A hermit crab with a shell that is too small cannot grow as fast as hermit crabs with well fitting shells, and is more likely to be eaten as it cannot withdraw completely into the shell.

If only moving home was THAT simple.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
I'm beginning to feel like my life is an old piece of shit junk car. Fix one thing and another thing fucks up. After awhile, you'll realise that there is no point in constantly fixing the problems. You're better off with a new "car".
"LOVE for money is the root of all evil"

They say that "Money is the root of all evil", but I highly object. It is the LOVE/GREED for money that is evil. Take you for example, what ever happened to you? You used to be so humble and down to Earth. Not anymore. You and your high-profile "friends".

Oh well, now you have what you always wanted.

omg this blog is so dead. been really busy with work for the past couple of days + i don't really have anything "worth" blogging about (yeah boring life I know), which is why it has been quiet around here lately. Even my number of visits have dropped tremendously. Oh well.

sigh. the pressure is on to find me + mom a new home. Kinda forced to move out. I dread the day I'd have to move out of my current house. I spent almost my entire life growing up in this house. I think I was 7 or 8 years old when we moved to Jln Ipoh from Kelana Jaya. Meaning I've spent at least 19 years living in the same house. Oh the memories.

But hey, life goes on right? Though if I was blessed with the option of moving out or continue staying.. I'd definately stay. Just spend some money to fix the ol' house and it should be great.

I'm hungry. Above is the famous Hainanese Chicken Chop from "Yut Kei" coffeeshop in KL.
Wahahaha just when I thought things could/will/are getting better, my string of bad luck continues.
My mom's handbag just got stolen from her while she was playing golf. Stolen from the buggy it seems. Sigh, when will this fucking end.

It’s heartbreaking but it seems like, whether you like it or not..people are always out there to get you.

I’m talking about backstabbers and leeches. Y’know, those people who are nice to you in front of your face but the moment you turn around they stab you in the back and twist the knife. Or those whom are only nice to you because there is something for them to gain out of you other than your friendship.

It is pretty hard to trust anyone these days. Friends, your loved one(s), even family. Everybody is just looking for something that will benefit themselves. What is the point of being a nice person then? Seriously.

“Nice guys finish last” they say, I’ve said this before the last time I was in this situation and here I am saying it once again. “If you can’t beat them, join them”, it is tempting, but why succumb to this and lower yourself to their level right? Once you’ve taken that path to backstabbing and being a leech, you’ve lost your sense of individuality. You are no better than the people you so hate.

This is my dilemma.

The only way to rid of temptation is to yield to it” – Oscar Wilde

But it's not a new handphone :(
I entered this competition by NOKIA awhile back in hopes of winning 2 all expense paid trip to Singapore to watch SINGfest '08.

Obviously I did not win the trip but I won this...
Not bad lah, the autographs all NOT PRINTED on wan okay.
As promised, here are some pictures taken at the concert.

Ahhhh, the concert was pretty awesome. But abit too short in my opinion and Avril had to cover up so much! Going to take a nap now. More pics with next update.
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