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Although I only understood like 10% of what he was singing, it was still a bloody good concert! Very talented, energetic and engaging as well. Will definately go again if given the chance.

Got to make sure that we get better seats the next time though. Seeing a 2cm Jay Chou is not very nice..haha

The video above is "An Jing" and not Qing Tian, I just put Qing Tian as my post title for fun :P

This post is shamelessly stolen from Nicole's blog.
Sort of lah...

With the elections just around the corner, alot of things are going on. Roads are being tarred up, posters, buntings, flags of the respective parties are being plastered all over the city. Even cars are flying the election colours. Then of course, there is also SMS.

One particular SMS reads;
Dear Msian Indian & Chinese
these are the reasons why we should NEVER vote for BN:
-99% of petronas stations owned by Malays
-100% pertronas project contractors are Malays
-95% Govt Servants in Putrajaya are Malays
-95% Govt contracts are given to Malays
-100% Govt Universities Vice Chancellors are Malays
-100% Students sent to Japan and Korea under the "Look East Policy" are Malays
-3 millions Indonesian became Msian citizen with Bumi status
-600,000 Chinese & Indian Msians with Red IC are denied citizenship
-0% churches/temples are built in housing estates
-up to 12% interest rate paid by Govt is for ASN/ASB
-96.5% Govt budget for Malay schools (MIC&MCA working for their allies only)


Pls send to 10 ppl

"TIME TO CHANGE" Never think that your one vote can't do much."

@_@ so how?
Faster tell all your friends and family who vote to vote for the

hailat..don't know what to blog about anymore...
@_@ Holy SHIT THIS IS Freaking Cool!!11
Click on the picture pls. Tq
WOW! My unique visits tripled yesterday with about 80% of visitors coming to my blog after searching the internet for "uncensored mardi gras pics".

Went to visit some relatives in Sepang yesterday. I had to drive because both my parents were still slightly hungover from the night before, haha. Tried the new Putrajaya-Cyberjaya highway and woooooweeee!!, what a highway! 80% of the route is nothing but straight road, Definately a place for many speed demons.

Reached Sepang, had lunch. Stoned a little. Played poker with my cousins, aunt and mom, and then went to a nearby dragonfruit orchard.
If you have not heard, seen, or eaten a dragonfruit..then you're missing out on one of the best fruits in existence ever. It's sweet, juicy, and relieves constipation like no other, LOL.

Taken from Wikipedia;
Dragonfruit is rich in fiber, Vitamin C and minerals. The typical nutritional value per 100g of dragonfruit is as follows[citation needed]:

* Ashes 0.68g
* Fat 0.61g
* Fiber 0.9g
* Phosphorus 36.1mg
* Carotene 0.012g
* Protein 0.229g
* Water 83.0g
* Calcium 8.8mg
* Iron 0.65mg
* Riboflavin 0.045mg
* Niacin 0.430mg
* Ascorbic Acid 9.0mg

Dragonfruit is also rich in phytoalbumins which are highly valued for their antioxidant properties. Antioxidants prevent the formation of cancer-causing free radicals. In Taiwan, diabetics use the fruit as a food substitute for rice and as a source of dietary fiber.

Below are some pics which I took from my trip to the orchard.

Twin fruits
Well, I had a pretty shit Valentine's. Didn't do anything special. Had dinner, went for movie, then home. Haha.

Looks like I'm pretty bitter when it comes to Valentine's Day? Was it because of the hurt? I think so. I just don't see the point in splurging on this one single day anymore. When we were much younger, yeah.. I felt like giving you the world if I could, but now.. I'd think twice about having dinner in a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day.

You might not see it, but I can honestly tell you that the feelings are slowly disappearing. Sigh.. I'm tired of trying to explain this to you.. maybe leaving it here for you to read over and over again will make you understand.

On a better note, here are some pics taken during the CNY holidays :)

That's all for now, going off soon.
Have a nice weekend!
<3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3
Happy Chinese New Year everybody!! Enjoy your dinner, don't gamble too much, don't get too drunk, be gentle on the CNY snacks but give no mercy when collecting Ang Paos! Choi Sun dou Choi Sun dou!


this post is long overdue.....what to do? no pc to use at home during CNY
Had a stall set up during the recent Lapsap Junkyard Sales/BBQ/Party at Palate Palette over the weekend. This was my first time trying to sell off some of the many lapsap which I have lying around in the room. And I must say, nobody wants my lapsap, haha.

So anywayz, it wasn't just about the sale, to me it was an experience. I mean, where else can you get a bazaar type of environment, with music and alcohol going around? It was cool but tiring to say the least. Alot of random lapsap to be purchased from there if you're in to these type of stuff. Women's clothing, accessories, men's clothing, books, bags, hamsters (LOL) and etc.

The pic below is my lapsap;
Sell sell sell! buy buy buy!

Lapsap also seems to be a gathering of some sorts. Met a few familiar faces there. Some of which I have not seen in ages, probably since graduating.

Oh ya, I sold a total of RM35 worth of stuff, haha. Oh well, it was a good experience.
Been visiting the "heart of operations" a few times lately and noticed these badass rooms below;

That was probably my first time seeing such things up close.. and also, my first time seeing one of the below in real life. What do you think it is?
As promised, some pics taken from our "Mabukz Gelek Gelek" night @ Mardi Gras.

Sorry lah I'm feeling too lazy to caption the pics. Even if I did, I doubt you'd be reading the captions anyway.
Was looking through the Mac trying to find some old files when I stumbled upon this pic.
That's Nicholas Teo, me and some random drunk dealer. Taken in 2007

And then it hit me! This year I had my picture taken with another male performer!
And this is me with Rynn Linn

Shesshh..there was also this dinner event in Genting Highlands where we had Landy Wen to perform, but I didn't go for that particular dinner. Sigh.
WooooooooooooWeeeeeeeee. Had a pretty much fun-filled weekend. Went to the Re-Mix Junkyard "Lapsap" Sale/BBQ/Party thingy at Palate Palette yesterday where we tried to sell some of our lapsap. I made an impressionable RM35! lol. Pics to come when I've uploaded them onto the PC.

Friday night was mabuk session at Mardi Gras. Again, pics to come :p

Got in the office at 7:50 this morning. OMG so early.
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