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Went to Mardi Gras over the weekend. Wasn't pre-planned at all and pretty last minute. But since I've not gone clubbing in a LONG time. What the heck.

Went there, and guess what? No que! In fact, I could've counted the number of people INSIDE the club with my fingers! ahahaha "oh shit" I thought, but since we already agreed to come here and I was already there.. no choice lor what to do.

Waited awhile for Sandy and her friend Trixie to arrive, after 20mins of waiting we thought that it'd be better for us to go in and get a table first before the crowd comes. Paid for a bottle of Bacardi Apple and then they asked me to pick an envelope from a box. Some sort of lucky draw. I won a bottle of Dewar's whisky! haha but the sad thing is...I can only redeem the bottle between 31st Jan 2008 and 2nd Feb 2008. Cunning marketing/sales bastards over at Mardi Gras, force people to go there only.
Guess I'll be there this weekend. On top of that, There is still the half-bottle of Bacardi Apple leftover cause only me and Jessica were drinking that night. Trixie had like 1 or 2 glasses and Sandy was 100% H2o.

Some pictures below. Good view of the dancers thanks to Sandy who insisted that we sit by the bar right in front of the water stage/podium thingy. w00t! Good decision bundy!

The Drunkard & The Pervert

Can you spot something which was not there before?

Sans the lone handbag security guard



I really have no idea why I'm standing behind in both these pictures...?
Let's go Maison tonight!!!

w00t! Reached the office in about 10mins from home this morning. Usually it takes me 45mins to reach the office, my oh my what a difference the traffic makes.

Happy Thaipusam everybody!

Don't have much to blog about today actually.. guess I'll just post some random pictures :)
TV crew in the office


Vinegar pork's leg or something like that, YUMMY!

Steamed ginger fish head @ Old Klang Road, also YUMMY!!

Me & the two sisters
New & Old
Sien lor!! Was freaking jam on the way to work this morning. Zzz.
Finally got around to finishing the 1st Season of Heroes (yeah I know, Season 2 already started) and last night we watched the "un-aired pilot" of Season 1. And yeah, like Ivan said.. it really gets you thinking.. "hmmm..WHAT IF?" Seriously.. WHAT IF..wahahahaha, I think the whole series would've turned out different. Those of you whom have watched this "un-aired pilot" will know what I'm talking about.

I just realised that this iMac keyboard is really difficult to type with. I don't type much with the Mac usually, just alot of design work. But now that I'm typing this post using the Mac, I realise that the keyboard pretty much sucks.

OMG almost 3-weeks already! How long more to go???

Tomorrow is a public holiday but I am working! Muahahahahhaa how nice. Tomorrow will be the company's Chinese New Year dinner and I am in the working/organising committee. So, it's work like usual for the first half of the day, and then off to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for preparation and whatnot.

oh well...at least there will be no traffic in the morning, beer/wine/liquor at night and no work the next day :)

OMG what a day!

Somehow, I managed to overlook some work which was given to me last Thursday, and now it is all coming back to bite me in the ass! Been crunching numbers, calling people up and shooting emails like nobody's business for the past 3-hours.. *phew* Where's the good shisha when you need one eh?
This dude has got a scary job
Ok, I've just downloaded this nifty little software called Poster for the MAC. What it does is, it lets you post onto your blog directly from your desktop without ever having to open Safari or any internet browser.

Gonna try out a few things with things first. While typing this, first thing I noticed is that it doesn't have a spell checker.
No big deal but spell check is good sometimes, get wut I mean?

Ok, I just tried posting an image and it doesn't allow me to directly select the picture from my computer and post, I'd have to upload the image onto a image hosting site and type the direct link in... sigh.. I'm disappointed already.

Oh well, no point testing any further already. This tool is only good when you want to say alot and not post any pics..
"My bags are packed I'm ready to go.." but it is like FREAKING JAMMED out there! Has something to do with the SMART tunnel being closed due to the heavy rain today. Blah. So how la like that? Everytime it rains the jam will be this bad? Sigh.

Hallelujah!! Holiday tomorrow! Not sure what our plans are tonight but it looks like there will be a meet-up with Sandy the Frozen Bunny who just got back from the UK recently. Shisha of course! and probably head on over to Ivan's place to chill and get drunk...LOL.

Ok enough babbling, PICTURES!!!


This picture says it all. If you can't see, it says "Phuc Long".
More random pics only because I am too lazy to type anything at the moment :P

But before that...

w00t it is officially now the year 2008!!

I have not been updating much lately as my laptop at home is having some problems again, hence the absense of pictures from my posts lately.

To recap, my weekend was basically:-
Eye on Malaysia
Big house
making lots of noise
balakong workshop
lots of expensive rims
more Absinthe
more 151
lots of pictures

Oops! time for lunch!
Hopefully I will be able to update this blog properly soon enough!
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