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..for SPEED!Gotta love corporate internet connections.
Today is the day I was born 27 years ago. It's that time of the year again, when you start to feel old & think back of what you've accomplished so far and set out new goals & challenges.

I know I should be at home instead of work since it's my birthday, but I just didn't see the point in taking the day off if I had nothing planned. Don't want to waste the very few remaining off days I have left.

So, I got back from lunch and got an email from my colleague asking me to spot the "addition" in the attached picture. Below is the attached picture.

Me being the blur person that I am, failed to spot what was the "additional object" on my very own desk. And finally, my colleagues gave up and pointed it out to me...
HAHAHAHAA! it's a cake! I was pleasantly surprised and frantically looking for a hole to put my head in..hahaha
shy lah.
So anywayz, they sang me happy birthday, my department head heard the commotion, came over and wished me. OMG damn shy weyyy...haha. But it's all good, brought a smile to my face IN THE OFFICE..which rarely happens..hahaha.

Thanks for everything you guys!

I'm thinking of shutting this blog down. Of late I seem to have lost interest in blogging. Probably because there is just so much on my mind right now. Especially finding a new home for me & my mom.

Looking for a new home isn't easy. I can't stress how many times I've mentioned that, but seriouslly..looking for a new home is NOT EASY. It's easy if I have like 30million ringgit to blow off. But I don't. In fact, I have a very limited budget, thanks to the fucking 4-way split. (Current house is being sold and the money will be split equally 4-ways between my mom, my uncle, my aunt & an elder cousin of mine) Fucking unfair considering that this was a 3 vs 1 fight.

But oh well, people will go to great lengths for money. BASTARDS.
It used to be "I Love You".

Now it is "I don't know you".
Got this from Yahoo!Games.

This dude has 36 World of Warcraft accounts and he plays them simultaneously on 11 different machines. @_@

Like WTF. What the hell does this guy do? He is paying USD5711 annually on subscription fees alone for all 36 accounts. That is over RM20,000 every year!
What about other expenses? Such as his electricity bill. Must cost a pretty penny to run 11 different machines all at the same time for long-hours. Maintaining and upgrading the machines will also cost him some money.

Check out his setup...

Shit, talk about obsessed.

Read more of this HERE
Been neglecting my blog lately. Nothing much to say.

Let’s see.. the house hunting still continues. Not going to rush into buying a property now, since the economy is so bad and uncertain, I think it’s best that we take our time. Even if it means having to pay rent for the house after the sale has gone through.

Better that way than rushing to buy a property and regret it later on. A new home is a long-term and I mean LONG-TERM thing and it’s best not to rush into it. If I was some sort of multi-million/billionaire then no problem lah. Can change houses like changing boxers. Oh well..

Apple just launched its new line of Macbook and Macbook Pros.

Apple products continue to fucking amaze me. Too bad they are so pricey.

People often ask me what’s so great about Macs? I guess you’d have to use and I mean REALLY USE one to understand why Macs are so freaking awesome.

Zzzzz. Scouting for a new home isn't fun at all. There is SO much to consider when looking for a new place to stay. Especially when you're planning to buy the place instead of renting.
As hermit crabs grow they require larger shells. Since suitable intact gastropod shells are a limited resource, there is frequently strong competition among hermit crabs for the best available shells. The availability of empty snail shells at any given place depends primarily on the relative abundance of gastropods in the right range of sizes, compared to the demographics of the population of hermit crabs.

An equally important issue is the frequency of organisms which prey upon gastropods but leave the shells intact. A hermit crab with a shell that is too small cannot grow as fast as hermit crabs with well fitting shells, and is more likely to be eaten as it cannot withdraw completely into the shell.

If only moving home was THAT simple.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
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