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So, Apple has approved the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone. A shocking decision if you ask me. I mean, why would Apple allow its customers to use a competitor's web browser other than its own? It is almost general knowledge that Opera browsers are "faster" than the other available browsers out there.
So, the iPad has been officially launched.
What is the next big thing from Apple? See pic below

Apple is known for releasing new gadgets every June / July of the year. And this year is no exception.
April 3rd will see the launch of the much anticipated iPad.

However, people seemed to be more focused on the supposed "new iPhone", dubbed the "iPhone HD".
Still months away from June/July, all that we can do now is speculate.

So what's new in the "iPhone HD"?

A4 Processor
This is basically a 1GHz processor with onboard graphics.
 A rather significant boost from the 600MHz processor residing in current generation iPhone 3GS'.

960 x 640 Display
Double the resolution of the current iPhones. Current iPhones are 480 x 320. This is good as it will ease compatibility issues with current iPhone apps and games.

By far the best new feature the iPhone can have if it's true. As an iPhone user myself, I sometimes wish that the iPhone was capable of multitaskng. It's be nice to have a couple of apps running in the background when I need to do something urgently. ie: reply an e-mail whilst halfway playing Street Fighter IV 

Front-facing Camera / Video Call
Nothing new to modern day mobile phones with cameras, but sadly it was missing from all the previous iPhones. Hopefully this feature will make it onto the "iPhone HD".

It has been rumored that Apple will announce SOMETHING on June 22. Mark your calendars.
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