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It's Hairy Crab season again.
Hi, I have crabs and alot of hair

These sweet tasting crabs are seasonal and available from September to December. Apparently, during September the female crabs are best whereas during October - December, the males are best. I didn't understand what the hype was all about, I mean.. why would anyone pay RM100+ for ONE small tiny crab??? Now I know. It's all in the roe.
this is a male. Males have a sharp pointy "apron" whereas females have a rounded/circle "apron"

The roe is orangey, soft and sweet (not literally, but in Chinese terms, you get what I mean), and so is the flesh. The crabs are steamed and served with a plate of minced ginger and vinegar.

Eating hairy crab is an art. You can read more about it HERE

My attempt at this was an epic failure. I broke the poor crab into like a billion pieces.

Dragon-i restaurants are having a hairy crab promotion/set dinner meal. For just RM98++ you get a cold appetiser, a double boiled chicken broth, 1 hairy crab, soup dumpling with crab roe, a vegetable dish and a tong sui dessert. Pretty worth it in my opinion.

If Aerosmith ever get to play in Kuala Lumpur, I would beg/steal/kill my way to their concert. These guys fucking rock.
Updates to come soon! I promise!
Got something to blog liao. So I was just looking through some pictures on the computer and stumbled across these;

These pictures were taken during this year's Chinese New Year @ Velvet Underground. In the span of just 8-months, alot has changed. And I mean ALOT. It's hard to believe at times but that the reality of things. People change, or so they say.

Gonna hit the sack now, it's been a long night. Got home around 9:30pm from work. Updated to Vista Ultimate SP1, installed Adobe CS3, did abit of work, played abit of GRID and FarCry2, and now I'm tired.

Nite people.
Seriously..no mood to blog...
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