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WOW my last update on this blog was September 17th??? Dang....

Malasnya nak update.. hahahha
omg I am sooooooo addicted to gaming now. Ever since the PS3 came into my life, I've been trolling forums for good deals on games and such. Arrgghhhh.

I've also stumbled on this particular online gaming store, GameOn. You guys can check it out by clicking on the pic above. The site is clean, simple and there are some pretty good deals on there as well across all platforms.

Here are some games which I am looking forward to:

Guitar Hero 5

DJ Hero

Gran Turismo 5

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I feel like shutting this blog down.

No idea why but I'm just too lazy to update anymore. Or maybe because my life is a complete bore and I have nothing interesting to share here...

HOW HOW HOW????????
Wow, it has almost been a month since my last update! Which also means that it has been almost 1-month since MJ's passing. Weird thing is, I still have no idea where they buried the King of Pop.

I stayed up to watch the memorial and all, but there was no burial nor was there any news on where he will be buried. Oh wells..

Here are some random pictures taken with my phone.Manhole in the office?

Fire drill.

Accidentally took this pic while I was walking with my phone in hand. Interesting no?

Tried taking pic of a car while driving. Somehow the pic turned out wavy

Hot air balloon out in nowhere around Putrajaya

Clear blue sky


Random 2

Random 3

On the left: Where I'm at everyday.
On the right: Where I want to be everyday
Woke up this morning as usual, got in the car and turned on the radio. Flipped thru the stations and noticed that every station which I listen to was playing Michael Jackson. Something must be wrong, this can't possibly be some coincidence.

True enough, after one song ended. The DJ announced that the King of Pop has passed away at around 5:30am Malaysian time. So sad.

I grew up listening to Michael. I still remember watching Moonwalked over and over and over again.
I would especially repeat the scene in the bar where he performed Smooth Criminal.

Then there was Thriller, which scared the shit out of me the first time I saw the video on TV. Especially the part where the music stops and the zombies start coming out from the graveyard. Creepy stuff when you're young.

There is so much more of course. Michael Jackson was a performer, a kick-ass dancer, a songwriter, an inspiration to many, the "Elvis" of my generation, an icon and of course..King of Pop.

Sigh, no mood to blog already. I'll just leave you with a video of Michael performing one of my favourite songs of his at the 1988 Grammy Awards. Enjoy.

Rest in Peace.
Caught the midnight screening of Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen last night and I must say that IT WAS BLOODY AWESOME!!!

I had goosebumps throughout most of the most of the movie and the movie is a good 2hour 30minutes!

I will not divulge into the details of the movie, wouldn't want to spoil it for you guys. There are numerous movie critics out there whom have given ROTF a bad review. Apparently to them ROTF is just another CGI filled money sucking(making) Hollywood movie with a crap storyline.

I honestly think otherwise, those fools probably have no idea what they were talking about. If you have seen the Transformers cartoon series and cartoon movie, then you should be excited to see a few "key" characters come to life on the big-screen.

Exciting news for gamers is that the Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen game is also now out in stores.

Official game trailer

Here are more pictures from ROTF the movie.More than just a pretty face.
Bad-ass Optimus Prime
It's HUGE!
OMG why no updates?????

Nothing much to say, so here are some photos taken from a recent BBQ.
Homemade burger patties FOR TEH WIN!

Microsoft recently announced the "future in video games" with it's Project Natal at the annual E3 press conference.

Project Natal is a hands-free-motion-sensitive controller system. Unlike the Wii which uses a motion-based "Wii-mote", Project Natal is totally controller free. So, if you were to kick a ball in a soccer game, all you'd have to do is to execute a kicking motion.A prototype of 3DV Systems' motion-sensitive video camera, the technology that is most likely behind Microsoft's Project Natal, which it announced at E3 on Monday. (Credit: CNET)

This is very cool and all, but the question is.. will gamers abandon the traditional controller? Is this the future of gaming?
Personally, I would say NO. To me, a good gaming experience is a good "hands on" experience. If I was to be playing a racing game, I would like to have a physical steering wheel, if it was a beat-em-up game, a joystick with the conventional 6-button would be best. You get my drift.

Project Natal is very impressize indeed. But somehow, I feel it will suffer the same fate as the Wii..limited to only sports, cooking and fitness games.
adoi sudah sakit....
Puma and HITZ.FM recently held a party at Laundry Bar, The Curve in conjunction with the release of the new Fast & Furious movie. It was also to celebrate PUMA Motorsport's 10th Anniversary.

The PUMA Skin Ur Racer was also a competition. The rules are simple, pick a PUMA shoe of your choice and "skin" your car to the theme/look&feel of that said PUMA shoe.

The prizes for defacing your beloved car?

Grand Prize - RM 4,000 Cash Prize + An exclusive trip for 2 Ferrari Factory in Italy for 2 people + A pair of Michael Schumacher Shoe

2nd Prize - RM 3,000 + A pair of Furio Midcut Shoe (only 1 in Malaysia)

3rd Prize - RM 2,000 + A pair of Urban Racer Shoe (White – only 1 in Malaysia)

Consolation Prizes - 9 X Puma merchandise & Urban Racer shoe

Interested parties had to initially submit photos of their car "skinned" with the design to HITZ.FM. So, I whipped out my Photoshop and started defacing poor Kimchi.
Submitted, and 1-week later I got a call from HITZ.FM telling me that Kimchi has been selected as one of the final 12.

"Oh shit" I thought, now I have to deface Kimchi for real @_@ what have I done.
After much hunting around, I went to Remus of MotorsportPlayground. Thanks for spending the entire day skinning my car mate :)

Ok enough blabbering, on with the pics:

Arrival and waiting to go in @ 9am

I asked Remus, "How the hell did you manage to drive all the way here?"
He replied "Very slowly and very carefully", LOL

Jess' Camo 5
Sideways Leona's. Good luck in your 1000KM race!

What else to do while waiting? Camwhore lor..and yes I am wearing ADIDAS in the pic. But I went home to change soon after ok!


All set.

2pm after lunch. Still waiting. 67.
PUMA wannabe?

7pm. Finally things get into gear.

Tired, we settled at Laundry for the rest of the night for a free-flow of drinks. W00T!

Some friends joined soon after :)

Hot dancers, especially the one on the right in black <3>

Results, Kimchi didn't win :( but the consolation prize was pretty awesome.

This black RX-8 won 1st prize.

At the end of the day, I had fun and met/made some new friends whom all share a common interest. Thanks to all those who came to support or just plain kay-poh
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