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Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year everyone!!111

First I completely forgot my wallet and only realised it when I reached the office. Fortunately one of my colleagues owes me some money.

And THEN, I was stuck in traffic for a good 1 hour and 30mins after work going home. When I reached home, I let out a sigh of relief only to find out that I forgot my house keys! And nobody was home at that time. RAWRRRR!
LOL! Some dude in KFC just spilled sauce all over his shit and he was like "Ah shit! My Polo shirt!!" =.="
and now there's this dude on my right, cradling his handphone and eating KFC with his hands at the same time...talking damn loud somemore..his conversation earlier went something like:

"come la we go Genting, you take your Myvi I take my Wira and we challenge my friend's Wira with turbokit"

Chinese new year is not too far away. This year will be a quiet CNY for me I suppose. Except for the reunion dinner which I'm not sure if I want to attend. I'm just looking forward to the holidays and not the festivities.
This is the first time of which I'm doing this. Blogging from my mobile phone that is. Just rained and the city is all jammed up, am at Pelita now having my dinner.

Chinese new year is just around the corner. Have you bought your new year clothes yet?
Screw the entry, typing with this "keyboard" sucks..updates later.
It has been 6-months since you left us, and it still hurts like as though it happened yesterday.
Everyday it is torturous to see your portrait hung up on the wall alongside granpa and granma.
Things just aren't the same anymore. I miss that lingering smell from your self-rolled cigarettes, I miss those jokes you used to crack.

Thinking back, I wish we were much closer. We were close when I was much younger, but as I grew older, somehow the bond between us loosened. I'd give anything to be able to hug you once more. I can't help but feel that I have failed in carrying out my obligations as your son.

I'm sorry, I should've listened more often.

You'll always be in our hearts.
So, I got bored and decided to start up another blog.
I thought that a photo blog would be interesting.

Do check it out at pictars.blogspot.com
You've heard about it from your peers, you've read about it in the newspapers, and you've seen numerous threads about it on automotive forums. Here it is, the Polis DiRaja Malaysia Evo X!

How lah now...
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