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adoi sudah sakit....
Puma and HITZ.FM recently held a party at Laundry Bar, The Curve in conjunction with the release of the new Fast & Furious movie. It was also to celebrate PUMA Motorsport's 10th Anniversary.

The PUMA Skin Ur Racer was also a competition. The rules are simple, pick a PUMA shoe of your choice and "skin" your car to the theme/look&feel of that said PUMA shoe.

The prizes for defacing your beloved car?

Grand Prize - RM 4,000 Cash Prize + An exclusive trip for 2 Ferrari Factory in Italy for 2 people + A pair of Michael Schumacher Shoe

2nd Prize - RM 3,000 + A pair of Furio Midcut Shoe (only 1 in Malaysia)

3rd Prize - RM 2,000 + A pair of Urban Racer Shoe (White – only 1 in Malaysia)

Consolation Prizes - 9 X Puma merchandise & Urban Racer shoe

Interested parties had to initially submit photos of their car "skinned" with the design to HITZ.FM. So, I whipped out my Photoshop and started defacing poor Kimchi.
Submitted, and 1-week later I got a call from HITZ.FM telling me that Kimchi has been selected as one of the final 12.

"Oh shit" I thought, now I have to deface Kimchi for real @_@ what have I done.
After much hunting around, I went to Remus of MotorsportPlayground. Thanks for spending the entire day skinning my car mate :)

Ok enough blabbering, on with the pics:

Arrival and waiting to go in @ 9am

I asked Remus, "How the hell did you manage to drive all the way here?"
He replied "Very slowly and very carefully", LOL

Jess' Camo 5
Sideways Leona's. Good luck in your 1000KM race!

What else to do while waiting? Camwhore lor..and yes I am wearing ADIDAS in the pic. But I went home to change soon after ok!


All set.

2pm after lunch. Still waiting. 67.
PUMA wannabe?

7pm. Finally things get into gear.

Tired, we settled at Laundry for the rest of the night for a free-flow of drinks. W00T!

Some friends joined soon after :)

Hot dancers, especially the one on the right in black <3>

Results, Kimchi didn't win :( but the consolation prize was pretty awesome.

This black RX-8 won 1st prize.

At the end of the day, I had fun and met/made some new friends whom all share a common interest. Thanks to all those who came to support or just plain kay-poh
Tired of your flat boring Windows desktop? Give Bumptop a try!
Bumptop is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk but better!

Bumptop features:

Organize Different
Piles are how we organize on our real desks but computers force us into rigid, hierarchical folders. Piles are lightweight, flexible and its easy to see what's inside. Let order evolve naturally or quickly get a mess organized with a pile, you’ve got options.

Piles are Agile
BumpTop piles work like in the real world. Toss items at a pile to add them or pop them into a grid, flip through them with your scrollwheel or fan out a pile to quickly see what’s inside. Converting between folders and piles is seamless too.

Pin Up Reminders
Jot down a Sticky Note or pin up commonly used shortcuts and important documents on your BumpTop walls. Make them real big to remind you to finish that task, without getting in the way of your desktop.

Luscious Thumbnail Previews
See what your docs look like without opening them. Supporting PDFs, Word DOCs, Powerpoints and a slew of others. BumpTop Pro includes Webpage and Photoshop/PNG previews with transparency . Designers, meet your new best friend.

Toss Pics to your Friends
Share pictures with your social networks is easy. Just toss them at the Facebook, Twitter or Email widget and they're uploaded in one step. Instead of the clunky browser/find-the-file-on-your-filesystem dance. Or update Twitter directly from BumpTop. Tweet!

Immersive 3D & Physics
BumpTop makes your pixels come to life. Grab, toss, pile and sort your icons and watch them respond with stunning lifelike motion simulated with nVidia PhysX, a gaming grade physics engine. Your flat desktop will pop with BumpTop's saucy 3D visuals and new organization possibilities.

Got a touchscreen or tablet computer? BumpTop's physical effects are even more captivating as icons move under your finger like they would in the real world. Flick through piles, toss icons at widgets to get stuff done, use fluid gestures to advance photo slideshows or manipulate stuff. (Don't worry, everything works with the mouse too!)

For more info and to download Bumptop, click HERE
Understanding the opposite sex has always been a mystery. How many times have you guys out there have been in a situation whereby your gf is upset, and when you ask why she says "nothing". Or when you want to go out with the guys (and prolly some female friends) your gf says "Ok, GO AHEAD have fun".

We all know that there are hidden meanings behind her accommodating answers.
With the help of a forwarded email, hopefully we are able to decode these encrypted messages:

Disclaimer: This was meant to by funny btw :P
This post is for Angelica because I would like to illustrate to her what I meant by

7) I used to pin the ends of my school pants to the heel of my school shoes. (it was trendy back then OK!)
- Angelica, hopefully you will bring this trend back! LOL :P

Have you ever done this in high school? If you were born in the early 80's and went to a goverment school, then you PROBABLY would have seen this trend before. Pinning your baggy Cantona7 high-school pants to your school shoes with thumbtacks.

Like this;

There are a couple of variants to this trend, some would equally put 3 thumb tacks on each side right on the back and some would fill the entire sole with tack, from the side all the way to the back and round to the side again.

So yeah, I used to do stuff like this in school.
Dulu mana ada PSP

Got this from a friend's FB status. Pretty interesting.

Press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and Enter

This is the infamous Konami code. Now implemented into Facebook.
Kena tagged by Angelica, but luckily this is a fairly simple me-me. Just jot down 16 random things about yourself. After which you should tag 5 other friends. Heee :)

15 things about me you might or might not know:

1) I used to wear very very big T-shirts when I was younger, like starting of secondary school young.
2) I've owned 3 dogs and 2 cats before. All of which are no longer with me now.
3) I have 3 tattoos. (only)
4) I LOVE to shisha
5) V e L v E T
6) My "girl" is a Korean with a "Japanese heart".
7) I used to pin the ends of my school pants to the heel of my school shoes. (it was trendy back then OK!)
8) I'm running out of random shit to type about
9) I'm doing this me-me in the office on a Monday morning (w00t w00t)
10) I wish to be active in motorsports (but it's just too costly)
11) I can't think of anything else... I need a smoke first..brb
12) . . . . 10mins later
13) I wish to live on an island (for a month at least)
14) Born in Selangor but grew-up in KL
15) Wish to learn how to read/write Mandarin
16) I call my car Kimchi

Done! Now I wish to tag Alvin, Ai Leng, June, Ivan, Cinvin, Fugz, Ginny, Leonard, EV and whoever who reads my blog :)

Moved. Over the labor day weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). Spent the entire 3-days doing some last minute packing, getting rid of stuff that is no longer needed and also loading/unloading the barang-barang.

One weird thing, on the first day of the move which was Friday(Labor Day), this stray black dog (which I have never seen around my housing area before AT ALL) appeared out of nowhere in front of the house. The moment I opened the gate, it ran in and refused to leave no matter how I tried to scare it off.

As me and my mom were packing and loading the stuff into the cars, the dog would just sit on the porch and watch us. The same thing happened on Saturday and then on Sunday, we got an electrician friend to remove the aircond units and interestingly enough, the dog started barking at the electrician. It would even bark at any one who came near the house, but it won't bark at me or my mom.

Can't help but to feel that the dog was there to "look after" us during the move.
sorry for the lack of updates, been busy packing and shifting and also been lazy to update.
Well here's an update, will be moving out of the house for good by tomorrow. Probably won't be able to access the internet for the next couple of days.(except when I'm at work)

It's not that the apartment doesn't have a phone line, but it is because I do not have a table for the PC yet.

So anywayz, gonna shut down and pack up the PC now. Have a nice long weekend everyone ;)
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