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US/EU/SG - 24th November 2010
Japan - 25th November 2010
After years of development and delays, this long awaited driving simulation game by Polyphony Digital for the Playstation 3 is CONFIRMED for release next week!

Like many "confirmed release dates" before this, I was skeptical. Thinking that the November 24th date will end up getting postponed AGAIN. But after seeing the evidence below and reading up on a couple of message boards. I'm convinced that GT5 will finally hit the store shelves next week.

More pictures and unboxing videos after the jump:
So, a couple of my friends recently went on holiday to destinations which I would really love to go one day. Not being able to do so at the moment, I started thinking of ways to "get something back" without actually going there.

What I did was, I sent them 2 visuals with a random "travel quote", 1 smiley face and of course my blog address in it. Had them print the visuals out for them to bring along on their trip. Not a new idea, I know... but what the heck la kan?

Anyway, 1 piece of paper + nice location + camera = ????
Here are the photos..(WARNING: Photo heavy post ahead)

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